Tuesday, January 29, 2008

January ends

The sad, rainy, gloomy, snow-crusted, mud globbulous month of January ends in 58 hours and 30 minutes. This usually excites me. And it should excite you too, whoever you are. But really, the bike was good to me this time through what is, without a doubt, the worst month of the year. Some bike-worthiness to document:

A few long and one epic dirt road ride that didn't fizzle out in pain and misery like most January epics do for me.

Built a hillbilly ladder stunt out on the local goods that is doomed to structural implosion, but so far has only lost a slat or two.

Raced a couple mid-week night crits on sloppy private singletrack that didn't result in dismemberment or death.

Took off to Sedona, AZ with my girlfriend for some R&R, upgraded to fiancee status on a big hike over pb&j's and oak creek microbrews, and then rallied a loop the next day on a rental haro X-1 to rival any I've ever put together out there.

And you know what? It's only looking up from here.

Pantani would be proud. Somewhere, I think he IS proud. And he's looking down on you, tubby, and he's wondering what you're going to lay down for him in sacrifice on 2/14. If you think that's got anything to do with Valentine's day, you are sadly mistaken. Did Pantani need a sappy card and some roses to go out and stomp Lance's scrawny American derriere up Ventoux? No. Did Pantani insist on lovey-dovey kisses and a bottle of red wine before he'd climb Galibier? No, but he would drink the wine anyway. Did Pantani chase his whole life through a smelly, drug infested, broken bone-riddled peloton only to succomb to depression and cocaine and booze and assorted other pills on a day that we, here in America on our rotund derriers, like to think of as our day of love?


Come do him proud. The 2/14 Pantani ride. Details to follow. Up, up, up.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Great Weather

Went out and rode big today. Did 90 miles with 6000 feet of climbing on the road bike. My friend and sponsor Ashley joined me for a portion of the ride today. She was strong on the climbs and that made me work for the first 2 hours while she rode. After dropping her off at her car I went and completed my ride. Roads were really wet out near Brown's Cove, and I am not sure why as we have not had a lot of rain recently. Tomorrow is a recovery day and then Thursday is hill climb repeats. Look for me to complain after those.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Would the real trail dog please stand up?

After a long day on the trail, Tucker likes to stretch his legs and upload his data. He let's Shawn share some floor space too.