Thursday, September 23, 2010


Riding around in crunchy leaves for a few hours today seems to have dosed me with insomnia instead of sweet dreams. The fall does that to me sometimes. It's the best season, no questions, and it's hard to get it all in sometimes.

Take for example, Foofville's attendance at race # 1 at the BRCC. Unable to find the venue in time due to a tight schedule, we put up only 80 points versus Rocktown's 790. Lame.

Despite the gross margin of error it's anyone's game in disorga-cross, and there's still time for a reckoning. So outside of staying up all night with the full moon to try to fit more things into these glorious 3 months, one might also try SHOWING UP to the next event, here at the Rancho Relaxo at 6 PM on Tuesday, 9.28. Details here:

What next though? Well, how about a road trip to Asheville with Kev29er and C-ham to see the big man himself, Papa Nolan? That much is a no-brainer. But how many rides will be cut short by the after-affects of the mighty Ninja?

Testing to commence on this subject in exactly one week.

One of the best parts about fall? The glorious conclusion, 7 days of riding in Sedona like a blaze of glory, before coming home and hunkering down for winter.
get some

That's about all. Again, show up on Tuesday. Race, spectate, and bring a beverage. Or just bring a beverage and mill about aimlessly for a while, we'll count you for points anyway.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


That's right, the kind of Cyclocross that's so disorganized you can barely find the race.


That looks dangerously close to being an official series. Like it or not, get your game face on Fooftown.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

BFR scores 4 for 4 at FORD

Congratulations to our riders at the Fredericksburg Off-Road Duathlon on Saturday September 11. Jenny L, Danielle, Shawn, and I lined up for a somewhat chilly 9am start that soon turned into a heated affair against some fast runners, talented teams, and tough competition from some locals and out-of-staters. Course conditions were primo with dry, dusty trails that were a bit on the technical side for the quarry, with both the run and ride capped off by a wet trip through the culvert under I-95. Shawn was off to a good start and ran well on both runs sandwiched around a very strong bike leg; not sure where it was but he took a digger on the run and got a little trail rash; the effort was worth second overall. Jenny opted for the shorter-distance race and finished strongly with an age-group win and second overall if my recollection is correct. Danielle finished the first run hot on my heels and held strong for second overall in the longer-distance course. I felt like my run was pretty good even though I was mid-pack or so on the first run; the cooler temps and reduced humidity made my runs less of a suffer-fest. My ride went well, and I tried to hold off runners on the last leg but got caught by a few including the dude who streaked past me to push me down to third in my age group by a mere 5 seconds. Oh, well, it was a blast.

Great job, teammates!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Blue Ridge Cyclocross Cup

In the world of underground cross racing, there are underground races and then there is the Blue Ridge Cross Cup.

Tuesday, 9/14, the Foof will fight the axis of evil, the Rocktown/Queen City alliance, once again for world cyclocross domination. Past that, the details get a little sketchy.

Where: Somewhere in Rocktown
When: Sometime after work on Tuesday

The lack of organization is the point, as I understand it.

Check the website sometime Monday afternoon to get the details. Maybe go for a jog over the weekend. Scrape the 10 month old mud from your cross tires. Prepare to bring the cup back to where it belongs.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

This just in...

Colorado kicks ass.