Monday, September 29, 2008

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

You know what's nice about 5AM night rides?

The sun is going to come up and we'll be able to ride out of here eventually.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

CORO Final Standings

The CORO wrapped up today with the O-hill Meltdown as the culminating event.
The course was everything Ohill is known for, Rocks, Roots, Climbing and Descending.
Meltdown Times
Category Name Finish Time, Start Time (Wave Format) Final Time
Expert Men Dave Tevendale 2:10:20 0:00:00 2:10:20
Expert Men Rob Cook 2:10:55 0:00:00 2:10:55
Expert Men Michael Hosang 2:15:07 0:00:00 2:15:07
Expert Men Nick Pence 2:17:51 0:00:00 2:17:51
Expert Men Jason Scislowicz 2:26:55 0:00:00 2:26:55
Expert Men Kevin Horvath 2:36:00 0:00:00 2:36:00
Expert Men Dave Wooten 2:44:45 0:00:00 2:44:45
Beginner Men Eric Moore 0:59:10 0:04:00 0:55:10
Beginner Men Renato Perez 1:53:55 0:04:00 1:49:55

Junior 15-18 Will Canup 0:58:14 0:04:00 0:54:14
Junior 15-18 Whit Zirkle 0:59:00 0:04:00 0:55:00
Junior 15-18 Dillon Long 1:07:44 0:04:00 1:03:44
Junior 15-18 Joe Hemphill 1:09:35 0:04:00 1:05:35

Sport Men Daniel Ortiz 1:40:48 0:02:00 1:38:48
Sport Men Cyrus Dreyer 1:44:13 0:02:00 1:42:13
Sport Men Donny Peppard 1:48:15 0:02:00 1:46:15
Sport Men Jason Hiser 1:48:37 0:02:00 1:46:37
Sport Men Dan Becker 1:49:42 0:02:00 1:47:42
Sport Men Jim Seguin 1:54:55 0:02:00 1:52:55
Sport Men Eric Fletcher 2:00:35 0:06:00 1:54:35
Sport Men Dave Welty 2:05:06 0:02:00 2:03:06
SS Sport Nolan Lavoie 2:12:36 0:02:00 2:10:36
Sport Women Lynn Bufke 2:04:00 0:02:00 2:02:00
I am trying to cipher times out for Denelle Grant and Johanna Krause still

CORO Overal Final

Cat, Name, TT, SXC, Meltdown, Cumulative
Beginner Men Eric Moore 0:20:28 0:21:47 0:55:10 1:37:25
Beginner Men Renato Perez 0:35:46 0:40:00 1:49:55 3:05:41
Expert Men Dave Tevendale 0:17:00 0:41:53 2:10:20 3:09:13
Expert Men Kevin Horvath 0:18:17 0:37:32 2:36:00 3:31:49
Expert Men Dave Wooten 0:20:12 0:39:23 2:44:45 3:44:20
Junior 15-18 Whit Zirkle 0:26:21 0:33:47 0:55:00 1:55:08
Junior 15-18 Dillon Long 0:23:47 0:35:04 1:03:44 2:02:35
Junior 15-18 Joe Hemphill 0:24:28 0:36:30 1:05:35 2:06:33
Sport Men Cyrus Dreyer 0:22:15 0:30:09 1:42:13 2:34:37
Sport Men Jason Hiser 0:21:05 0:29:41 1:46:37 2:37:23
Sport Men Dan Becker 0:21:18 0:30:06 1:47:42 2:39:06
Sport Men Daniel Ortiz 0:33:00 0:29:05 1:38:48 2:40:53
Sport Men Eric Fletcher 0:21:52 0:30:58 1:54:35 2:47:25
Sport Men Dave Welty 0:20:55 0:31:31 2:03:06 2:55:32
Sport Women Lyne Bufke 0:25:05 0:31:55 2:02:00 2:59:00

We had many other racers come out and do just one or two events. It kept some fresh legs in the mix and made thing interesting for everyone. Many of the racers had mechanicals along the way as well that dropped some out of contention for the CORO as they did not complete one event.

A huge thanks to all our sponsors, volunteers, and racers.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

CORO Day one

The Time Trial and the Short Track both went well. It was interesting to see the normal front runners handicapped by mechanical problems along the courses. It will make for an interesting day tomorrow at Ohill.

Here are the standings in the CORO after day one.

Name--TT Time, SXC Time, Overall
Junior 15 and Under
Liam Agnew 0:28:40 0:26:08 0:54:48
Junior 15-18
Dillon Long 0:23:47 0:35:04 0:58:51
Whit Zirkle 0:26:21 0:33:47 1:00:08
Joe Hemphill 0:24:28 0:36:30 1:00:58
Andy Hughes 0:27:59 0:46:21 1:14:20
Bon Jun Koo 0:44:18 0:44:00 1:28:18
Beginner Men
Eric Moore 0:20:28 0:21:47 0:42:15
Matt Schmitt 0:27:48 0:28:36 0:56:24
Charlie Gadner 0:38:41 0:32:36 1:11:17
Renato Perez 0:35:46 0:40:00 1:15:46

Sport Men
Sean Agnew 0:19:17 0:29:05 0:48:22
Jason Hiser 0:21:05 0:29:41 0:50:46
Dan Becker 0:21:18 0:30:06 0:51:24
Cyrus Dreyer 0:22:15 0:30:09 0:52:24
Dave Welty 0:20:55 0:31:31 0:52:26
Eric Fletcher 0:21:52 0:30:58 0:52:50
Jonathan Den Hartog 0:23:00 0:34:37 0:57:37
Daniel Ortiz 0:33:00 0:29:05 1:02:05
Sport Women
Lyne Bufke 0:25:05 0:31:55 0:57:00

Expert Men
Caleb Walton 0:17:30 0:35:15 0:52:45
Mike Walling 0:18:28 0:35:10 0:53:38
Kyle 0:18:22 0:36:48 0:55:10
Kevin Horvath 0:18:17 0:37:32 0:55:49
Dave Tevendale 0:17:00 0:41:53 0:58:53
Dave Wooten 0:20:12 0:39:23 0:59:35
Scott Ramsey 0:20:37 0:39:45 1:00:22


Sunday, September 14, 2008

FORD Series

The Fredricksburg Off Road Duathlon Series concluded yesterday with the 3rd race and final race.
Bike Factory Racing placed four riders on the start line for the final event-Christy, Denelle, Cyrus, and Myself.

The course was changed significantly from prior events with a much hillier run course and a bike course that was maybe a bit more challenging before in the number of short steep climbs.
At the gun, the pace started pretty reasonable for the first pass through the timing area. No one sprinted off on the run portion like in the past. As the pace started to settle in on the dirt paths, Justin Riddle started to pull off the front of the run pack. Knowing that I would not hold his pace on this first run, I watched as he slowly spaced off the front of us all. A number of the actual runner types, and super strong guys went after him shortly. In this group of maybe five or six runners was Cyrus. He looked very comfortable at the high pace on the run and seemed to be sizing up who in the group he was gonna pummel later on the bike....awesome!!!
I let the runners go off and as they passed beyond sight line on the trails, I settled into a rhythm that was sustainable, but tough. I came into the transition area from the run with screaming quads, mostly owing to the final descent on the run.....a "climb" DOWN the "wall" as Konrad loves to call it....evil man!!
I kicked on my shoes and placed my helmet on my head to head out on the bike portion. I sipped some energy drink and ate a Clif block or two. As I exited the transition I knew I was about 1.5 minutes off of the 2nd place racer from last time....someone I needed to mark for the series overall placing, Steven Viers. (We will call him Pedal Shop-his jersey and sponsor) As I jumped on the bike and started to pedal, I could REALLY feel the hillier run course in my legs, for the first 10 minutes on the bike all I could do was spin. Luckily I managed to rev it up pretty quick on the early double track and entered the single track with most of the strong runner types in my sights to pull in on the single track. As soon as the trail got technical, many of them slowed down. I went into the no brakes, hope for traction and hop over whatever is in the way mode. It was working well. I quickly saw Cyrus and gave him some words of encouragement as I skidded by on some rooty stuff. The beginners field was now all mixed in with us as they had done a much shorter run and were on the bike course early. This made it a bit harder to know which racers were in your category and which were beginner racers....but it was AWESOME to see so many people getting out here and trying this sport...and especially on mountain bikes. The other good thing about lots of riders on the course- Targets!! Not in a bad or evil way, but every time you saw someone up the trail, it was that little kick that you needed to hammer to catch and pass them. In the tight single track, it became tough to get around some of them, but it all was working out OK. Still no Pedal Stop though....I hit it harder. The last two times we had raced, he had taken the early lead on the run and I had pulled him back on the bike, once to hold him off and take the win, and once he had pulled me back on the final run and beaten me solidly. I wanted to at least catch him on the bike and try to get in front of him for the final run. I plowed on...out of the saddle a lot, hitting it with great power and staying clean and quick on the downhills. I had set the Top Fuel up with Bontrager Jones ACX tires front and back for the day, and they were digging in perfectly and holding tight in the corners. The oversized 2.35 tire on the back was set at about 25 PSI was working great with the rear suspension keeping it tight on the ground for traction control.
As I was approaching the turn off point for the advanced distance, I caught a rider on a Fuel EX from last year. He had placed in the top three at every one of the races so far in the beginner category, so I knew that I was toward the front of the beginner field now. As we came to the final short rooted wet descent before the course split, it was cool to encourage him to open off the brakes and let the bike work....down the hill he went, soaking up everything and making it look easy!!! Cool!!
I made the left onto the advanced course and quickly the course went up hill, I punched it, energized to find Pedal Shop.....where was he!!! I crested the short leg breaker climb and grabbing a handful of gears, popped it hard to try and find him. Finally I saw what I and red jersey, glimpsed through the trees...or was, early leaves for the year...but wait...yes, there he was!! That was the final encouragement I needed. Quickly the distance was closed and I was on his whell. As at every other race he encouragingly let me by with a courteous passing lane and cheered me as I cheered him....what a great sportsman!! A true example that we can all learn from. By this point I had worked really hard to find him, but my legs still felt strong, unfortunately the course was no longer to my strength, it was now log jumping and twists, nothing really technical, and nothing with momentum and flow or steep climbs to really work....I was gonna have trouble getting a gap on this terrain. I knew that within 3/4 of a mile, we would be on flat double track, and if he managed to catch me on that, he would be able to draft in to the transition. I worked hard but was only able to open maybe a 30 yard gap in this terrain. When we hit the double track, he was quickly back on me, and rode my wheel to the pit only to pimp me at the line for the "sprint" into the pit.....dammit....he deserved it though...what a ride!

I changed shoes as quick as I hands did not want to work, but I got them on and started the run. I could see Pedal Shop ahead....but he is such a strong runner. I tried to push, but was not closing, he was holding a steady gap...but he was not pulling away. Heartened by this, I tried harder....things were getting tough, the course was hilly now and I was working really hard...when was the pressure seal gonna go on the legs?!

As we scrambled down the final "wall" I could see him just finishing up. I had pulled him back a little, but not enough to take 2nd place from him. What a race, things went well. My ease into the first run seemed to have played out well for the final run, and I felt strong about it. I found out later that Pedal Shop (Steven) had started to cramp up when he saw me on the bike. He knew he was the stronger runner and had tried to work doubly hard on the bike portion to stay ahead of me, and then to hold me to the line. But he paid for by having to go really deep into his suitcase of pain!!!
He seemed really happy about this....I was impressed at how he did on the bike...Strong dude all around!!!

He ended up taking 1st in the series, a really well deserved title for him.
The final results for the day had Justin Riddle off the front all by himself....nicely done Justin!!
I finished 3rd in the Men's Overall.

The rest of our team did GREAT!!!
Denelle won the women's race with Christy taking 2nd place.
Cyrus took 4th in his age group owing to some derailleur misfortunes early on the bike leg, way to stick it out man!!

For the series that put Denelle in 1st place with Christy in 2nd place (I believe.)
I was third in the series for the men.

Other local racers and friends that I sort of remember placings on:
Scott Ramsey took 1st in his age group and was probably top 10 in the overall.
The Old Man, Dave Kelnberger was in the top 6 I think.
Paul Leeger rode and ran well and I think was right near Denelle at the finish...not sure who won this time though
Francine Rapp took 3rd in the women's overall for the event and was very high up in the series as well.

Nice job everyone, and a huge thanks to Konrad Heller for putting this event on, what a great series and race,


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Brownie Crit Results September 4, 2008

Great Crit Course with a gravel road climb to the fire road and then a ripping descent, all to do it again!!
5 laps of pain felt great. Some of our normal fast guys and gals were not on top form after that SM100 thing this weekend.

Place Name Lap 1, Lap 2, Lap 3, Lap 4, Lap 5/Final
1 Bucky, 3:25, 7:12, 11:11, 15:07, 18:54
2 Shawn 3:38, 7:22, 11:15, 15:06, 19:07
3 Dave T3:37, 7:32, 11:32, 15:36, 19:51
4 Kevin 3:42, 7:58, 11:26, 16:56, 21:36
5 Dan O 3:50, 8:42, 13:36, 18:40, 23:34
6 Dan.....4:51, 9:36, 14:34, 19:42, 24:48
7 Denelle 4:44, 9:50, 14:58, 20:12, 25:20
8 Bridge 4:55, 10:08, 15:38, 21:23, 27:00
9 Kyle R. 4:45, 10:06, 15:12, 21:59 DNF
10 Jim .. 6:09, 11:20, 16:33, 22:33, DNF
11 Will S. 5:36, 11:22, 17:43, 24:19 DNF
12 Elaine DNF
13 Jeff H DNF
Timed by he gets a DNS. Thanks man!!

Sorry Hanna

"Hanna loses hurricane status"

She's a melancholy tropical storm, tried to be a full-on Hurricane and got the snub. It's tough to go pro these days. Too much competition from guys like Ike packing 135 mph winds and staying South where he can get big.

That guy Ike, the real deal. Look the hell out, Miami.

Nonetheless, if all it took to make Poor Farm look like THIS was a couple of spring thunderstorms, Hanna should feel pretty good about her chances of at least cancelling the Twisted Tire. It's all about knowing your role, seeing the big picture. Regionally, Hanna, you're pretty tough, so keep your chin up.

Rainout date now appears to be November 9th, which just might score an ice storm for the second attempt. At least the ground will be solid.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Shen 100 results

Some preliminary results, although nothing is posted online yet.

Christy Tankersley - 12:30 or so, we knew she could!
Ken Tankersley - 10:55ish, with a broken front derailleur and a 30 minute duct tape job to fix it. Guy can even make duct tape look good.
Jason Hiser - 12:13. Not quite sub 12, but on a muddy day it's a 12 hour effort nonetheless.
Nolan - Pulled at rest station 4 by event management, just barely missed the cut. Nevertheless, rode 58 miles and looked ready to kill some kegs as I was leaving.
Michele Co - Crashed out, details unknown.
Denelle Grant - 11:12, solid first experience. 13th woman.
Shawn Tevendale - 9:40, doing all the work on the flats
Dave Tevendale - 9:40, shamelessly drafting off of Shawn

Other local results:

Johanna Kraus - sub 10 hours and 4th woman overall. Did she get paid?
Kyle Rodland - Something around 11ish. did not look like it felt good, but he got it done. Effectively taunted some of Jo's competition into submission.
The Old man - Sub 11. Lurking back there like the creepy old bastard he is.
Jeff Hackett - ?
Chris Cunningham - ?
Dave Welty - ?
Mary Carson - 14 and change, I heard through the grapevine.

My big takeaway from the race: Hankey is such a half-assed name for a mountain. It bothered me the whole race. Now redubbed, Mt. Hank. Like the big, mute guy at the end of the locker room. Don't mess with him.