Thursday, October 18, 2007

Super D for Dusty

Two things for certain about the super D on Wednesday:

1) Walnut could use some rain
2) It really was more of a point-to-point race than a super d.

That being said, our king has been de-throned. The Results:

10/17/07 Walnut Super D for Dusty
1 - Jeremy - 11:27
2 - Matt H - 11:50
3 - Dave T. - 12:02
4 - Kev 29er - 12:36
5 - Super D - 12:50
6 - Johanna - 12:57
7 - Al - 13:34
8 - Jason H - 14:42
9 - Mark in the dark - 14:32
10 - Michele - 17:08

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


The Paranormal is this weekend. 6 hours of ghouls, goblins, and ubber-fast mountain bike racing. The Bike Factory Racing team will be out in force. Mark and Chris are gonna tag team it in the Clydesdale Duo. Jeremy and Ted are gonna Tag team the Duo Expert on Single speeds. Kevin is gonna rock the SS solo cat. Dave and I are gonna have at the solo category. It is shaping up to be a gorgeous weather weekend and the competition is looking to be tough. Mike Walling from Arsenal is rumored to be returning to defend his win from last year, Charles Clarkson of Ellsworth is supposed to be making a go at the race as well. Lots of talent with too many competitive riders to even list. Look for some great stuff out of this race.


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Cross Crit, 10/10 Results

I'd hesitate to call it a cross course or a mountain bike course - really a hybrid of the two. It consisted of a big field lap followed by some off camber turns, singletrack, and then finally the DFU finish. Suffice it to say it was punishing, especially with so many close finishes and packing the 5 top spots into a free-for-all, 30 second window. Good racing.

1) Jeremy 23:25
2) Steve 23:30
3) Mike 23:40
4) Dave Same Time
5) Kyle 23:50
6) Shawn 27:10
7) Ted 27:30
8) Jason 28:28
9) John Neil Same Time
10) Scott 28:42
11) Will 32:02
12) Blake 35:05
13) Kate DNF

Fingers crossed for a LITTLE rain before the paranormal - sure is dusty out there.

Race this weekend.

Last night was a Brownie Crit on the farm. It was a hybrid cross/mtb style course. Made for some really great riding. Did not totally favor either machine, but allowed both to still be raced well. A Single Speeded Mtb. won it (Jeremy, go figure) with a cross rider in second (Steve Delisle). Overall it made for a good workout for most people. Just prior to the crit I had my last batch of intervals prior to this weekends race in DC. so I was a bit blasted going into it, but had a great time anyway.
This weekends race is shaping up to be a good time. A large portion of the team is going to race, and we are going to give the Team Trailer a first shake down that will be good as well.
We got a new sponsor in the last few days also. Boca Bearings ( They are a manufacturer of high-end ceramic bearings for all kinds of applications, so we are gonna be faster thanks to this one. The first order of Wheel and Pedal bearings arrived this week, they seem really smooth, now I gotta figure out how to install them....although it looks really simple.

Racers for this weekend:
Dave T.
Kevin M.
Denelle G.
Luther B.
Chris S.
Shawn T.

hopefully at least one of us will podium.......most likely Denelle......

Monday, October 1, 2007

On the road/off the road

Not the good kind of on the road. I've been travelling for work for edging up on 10 days. Starting to lose my mind from not being off the bike. Highlight of the week, I saw an old lifted F-250 with an AC/DC custom paint job for sale outside of Richmond. Probably from the early 80s. Get pumped for Dave's next ill-advised automobile purchase.

To the point though, rumors of my demise in a smoke-filled bar in NYC are unsubstantiated and incorrect. I shall return. Wednesday. To the brownie crit. And I'm bringing my 2-weeks-of-cheap-cocktails-in-the-making beer gut with me. Again, Get pumped.

Seriously, I'm psyched about our riders and our sponsors and ready to put in some serious time on the bike again. Next year should be a great year.

A Weekend of Goodness

A bunch of great stuff this weekend. Denelle raced at Xterra nationals in Tahoe and took 5th place in her age group. A huge congrats to here on that one. She tore apart the bike leg and was in the times of the top pro riders in that leg.....doubly impressive considering that Jenny Smith and some other Trek-VW riders from the Rocky Mountain Squad were there as well.
On a great note for the team, Albemarle Baking Company let me know they are on board to sponsor the team for the 2008 season as well. Jerry is one of those really giving guys, so a huge thanks to him for this.......that and now I have an even better excuse to go by his shop and get some carbs.
Also Francesca from the Charlottesville Running Company let me know she is on board to support our team for the 2008 season. Things are really starting to come together for us all, I am excited, and ready to train hard all winter to make next season a great one.