Friday, August 31, 2007

"Super D" Crit-James Wins Big

What a ride that was. Two full speed "Super D" style runs, no body armor, cross country bikes, lycra clad warriors. Suprisingly we had no crashes or chaos occur. Time adjustments were handed out to some individuals for a creative re-route they decided on. That is reflected by the + next to there Run 1 times. The Time adjustment was 1:30 to bring their run time back in line with the rest of the group, but really we should have just DQ'd them.
James killed us all, and Jeremy took 2nd on a rigid single speed (sicko).
Down Hill Diva Dennelle took the women's Cat with a bomber of a run as well. Thanks for coming out everyone, Look for some other alternative style courses in the coming weeks as well. (Cross, Short Track, Relays, who knows.)

Place...Name...Run 1..Run 2..Cummulative
1 James 4:13 2:51 7:04
2 Jeremy 4:40+2:38 7:18
3 Shawn 4:28 2:57 7:25
4 Josh 4:43+2:43 7:26
5 Dave 4:33 2:58 7:31
6 Craig 4:48+2:46 7:34
7 Jason 4:47 2:56 7:43
8 Kyle 4:54+ 2:44 7:48
9 Nolan 5:11 3:31 8:42
10 Dennelle 6:07 4:04 10:11
DNF Alec 4:46"where did the course go" DNF

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


The Paranormal race is a go. October 20th is the big date. This race is always a good time. 6 hours of fun on the bike, this years venue is different than in the past, but should still be a rocking good is after all our farm. Nothing can quite compete with a Haloween themed race. Show up in costume and get a time bonus, who can say no to that?

Information is at:

Registration is at:

New Trailer

The new trailer arrived today. Now I just gotta get it decorated. I am hoping to get some really large decals and sponsor stickers donated so we can make it look like something out of a recent kids movie.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thursday "Expert" Ride

Jeremy, Mike the hurricaine, and myself all showed up for the ride. Three speed freaks, ready to do battle on a minature scale. All while I was trying to recover from the last two days at the same time. Something about this did not make sense. We had a great ride, Mike showing his great power on the flats, Jeremy just showing his power on the single speed, and me trying to pretend I had not just done the last two days of Time Trial and Hill Repeat intervals.....who was I kidding. In the end we averaged a bit over 10 mph at Walnut, and managed to scope out some new "Super D" style routes for the upcoming CRC Brownie Crit. I can't wait for that one, it will be killer.

The Blue Ridge Extreme ( will be this weekend, CRC puts on a top rate event and offers many different distance options.
I will be there. Will you?


Sunday, August 19, 2007

Trek Top Fuel 9.9 SSL

The new bikes are up on the Trek Website. Go check them out. I can't wait to see that new Top Fuel 69er.

SM-100 is coming

Less than 2 weeks until the Epic. Can't wait. A group of friends and I went to ride the first 50-60 miles of the course yesterday. It is in great shape, we actually did some trailwork as we went along, but they will still need to haul a chainsaw to the top for a few big ones.

Friday, August 17, 2007

18 Hour Race Cancelled

Well, they cancelled the 18 hour race for this weekend owing to some wierd weather that blew through and rocked the eastern part of this state. I guess my focus for the weekend will instead be on getting the trails on our farm ready for the upcoming Paranormal Race......or there is that 100 miler in WVa.


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

18 hour race prep

As Team Shawn motivational manager and HMFIC, I took the week before the week before the upcoming 18 hour race to handle some important pre-race items. Specifically, I journeyed out to Colorado, 1600 miles away from the actual race site, and I rallied like a banshee around the northern Front Range for a week. What does this have to do with pre-race planning? Well:

1) I picked up a dozen fine, handcrafted Dale Pale Ales with the explicit purpose of drinking all of them Saturday night while Luther takes care of Shawn. Unfortunately, and not entirely all my fault, all were enjoyed while still in Colorado, and I failed to return with a single soda in the suitcase.

2) Put in about 15 hours on the bike over the course of the week, and even squeezed in a round of golf – all around putting my nose to the grind at my new gig. This resulted in:

2A) Broke both my 4-iron and my Top Fuel 110 in same-day, separate occurrences which were definitely not my fault, but that’s what you get when you’ve got guns (belly fat) like this. Productively, I conjured the voodoo powers that be, did a little witchery, and chalked them both up as a sacrifice to the gods of carbon and steel in hopes that they’ll leave Shawn alone until well into the night on Sunday.

3) Had a dream about 24 hour racing where, naked and drunk, I went out for a lap instead of Shawn around 3AM, got lost in the woods, and froze to death.

4) Got drunk dialed by my good buddy, Steve, at midnight Colorado time on Saturday night while I was trying to get some z’s before an early Sunday spin. Vengeance forthcoming, I put an alarm in my phone to return the favor right before dawn on Sunday AM, hopefully when Shawn is coming around for another lap and needs an outlet for his pain.

5) Was unable to locate my cowbell in my garage, although I did find 3 random derailleur hangers that Jeremy might be able to blowtorch into workable form for whatever that mangled, hangerless, black bike of his is. Also found a 6 CO2 canisters. Used ½ of them on one, 30 minute ride. Biggest find – a glow in the dark fender, brought that puppy back with me for sure. Hoping for some rain on Sat PM, writing off trying to find anything else useful in the garage.

So, as you see, things are sizing up pretty well for the race weekend, and I’ve made a lot of good progress towards full preparedness. I’ve made no contact with other support team members. I haven’t seen the course. I don’t actually know where it is. This all, of course, is strategic. The more you know about what you’re up against, the more you realize just how big of an effort racing for 18 hours straight really is. Ignorance really can be bliss. So when I show up dangerously close to start time, sunburned, and with no shoes on – you can rest assured that I’m a professional and I’ve come to support this race with a regime that defines perfection.

It’s going to be a weird weekend – I can feel it already.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

18 Hour Race is soon

The 18 hours on the Farm is just around the corner. But first, off to Vermont to spend a weekend raising money for the National MS society with my charity team- Team UVA Pegasus. Check out the blogspot for that as well.

They are recruiting members for the coming year, so please consider joining. More info can be obtained through either Bike Factory or by emailing


Brownie Crit Results

We held another Brownie Crit today on our farm. Even with 100 degree heat, we had a great turnout. Thanks to all who came, it made for a really fun time.

2 mile loop, 2 laps
Place Name Split Final
1st Jeremy (SS) 10:28 20:20
2nd Shawn 10:30 21:05
3rd Scott 12:30 24:35
4th Jeff (SS) 12:40 25:00
5th Jason 13:34 26:45
6th Paul 14:00 27:10
7th Scott 16:20 31:10
DNF's for a camel back mishap-
Caleb and Isaac Both rolled in the first lap at 24:45 after an extensive search for the nozzle from a camelback.

Thanks again everyone,


Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Wilderness 101

The race started smoothly, 40 miles of rolling fire road, dirt gravel, and the occasional single track traverse or descent left everyone feeling strong, then reality hit. The last porton of this race gets real, real single track climbs, real viscous descents, and real mind numbing dirt gravel roads. All in all, I was riding well, despite the heat and having bonked and cramped a bit....then off came the rear deraileur in a big rock garden. The chain was nearly destroyed in the process, so no single speeding option. After 78 miles of riding, I was now hiking. I hiked into the 86 mile aid station and got a ride back in from there....race done.
Chris Scott put on an incredible event yet again. Awesome food, great people, and well marked trails. If you have not done one of his events, the SM-100 is just around the corner....see ya there. is his site.

50 Rattling Miles Marathon Race

I traveled up to Pennsylvania to race this one. This is one race that truly lived up to its name "Rattling". Rock gardens on rock gardens is how I would describe much of it. Truly a fun event. The new Fuel EX rode like a dream. The newly designed suspension was just the ticket for maintaining control through these rocky sections and I was sure glad to have that little extra travel to take the sting out of things as well. The pedaling efficiency was also great on the flatter sections and the Pro-Pedal on the new Fox RP2 really worked great.
I finished a solid 9th place. A few guys got me at the very end....guess I gotta work on that finishing power. High Speed Cycling put on a top notch event, support at the aid stations was killer, and everyone there was super nice to the out of towner.