Friday, November 28, 2008

More pics.

Denelle, Anthony, Chris and myself set out on a Semi-Epic ride today. Only semi because really there was not a doubt of things ending well. We started out on a casual loop, of about 35 miles or so. Ended up with a crash by Anthony into a cactus, 12 or so spines plucked later, we were on the trail again....yes he got them in his chin.
We rode a while longer, some of the crew started to tire....then the weather hit.....including hail. We got home, cold and tired, but made it in safely.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sedona Pics-4

Rainy Day for the most part, now we have low hanging clouds, fog and super fast tacky trails....awesome riding!!
Unusual to see the desert this way.

Sedona Pics Take 3

Here are some pictures from an Epic ride times were had by all...until I locked up a rear axel and had to spin a wheel in the frame to ride for 5 about a horrible resistance workout!!!
The cool thing about it in retrospect. If it had been any bike other than a ABP equiped Trek, I am not thinking the wheel would have stayed in the dropouts enough to work.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Chain Break Photos

Kinda cool photo series. Shaine was taking on a really cool steep up on his Remedy when the chain popped at the entry move under torque....all ended well.

Sedona Thus Far!!!!

Great Trip so far. Here are some pictures for you to check out.
Yesterday we did a tour of the Pivot Cycles Factory. Pretty Cool.
Totally unexpected....we were taken riding by the owner and lead designer Chris.

Super Fun!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

For the love of transition.

In a week a crew of BFR folk and friends will be hitting Sedona, AZ for a holiday week of awesome riding in the dessert. I'm calling it training for the winter training series.

Considering daytime highs here will be in the mid-40's with low's in the 20s, I'm highly looking forward to some 75's in AZ.

See you all when we get back!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Twisted Tire and VORS Series Finish

In addition to hearing Candlebox play "Cover Me" on XM on the drive down to Ashland, which was HUGE, Bike Factory Racing also turned in some pretty good times at the Twisted Tire and ended up as the top team in the VORS series after all was said and done.

VORS results here:

The Enduro cat was stacked with VORS contenders looking to maximize their points in the series finale, but we took 2nd (Shawn Tevendale), 3rd (Kevin Murray), and 4th (Dave Tevendale) in the men's, and 1st (Denelle Grant) and 2nd (Christy Tankersley) in the women's fields. We also put three guys into the top 20 in men's sport, and Jeremy Senn slugged it out gearless with the big boys in men's Expert/Pro. Tucker, perennial mascot and alpha dog contender, succesfully got in not one, but two fights, and came away largely unscathed, so that's a win in my book.

Then came the burgers and scud fries. Hot dogs. Mountain Freakin' Dew. It turns out that 30 packs of beef patties go pretty quick after 180 riders think about them while racing for 2+ hours. Awards came and went. Bike Factory Racing had 6 people on the VORS scoreboard, coming away with the best haul of series shwag I've ever been a part of. Jerseys, tires, brakes, levers, and on and on. Deservedly, the champagne came out in red plastic cups.
Then I took a poop beside the grill.
OK, not really. But Christy took the picture and insisted that's how I looked, and I have to agree.
Closing thoughts on the VORS series, and post 'em up here as you got 'em, but I gotta say I had a good time. And it looked to me like most other people did too. Not to say next year won't bring changes, and not to say they won't be good, but I like it just fine the way it happened this year.

If you want some Candlebox, check it.
And on and on...

Monday, November 3, 2008

The six inches in front of your face

The Tidewater Challenge came and went two weekends ago, and somehow I ended up at the front after 6 hours. Then the Paranormal went down on Saturday night in all its radicalness. And again, somehow, after 6 hours, I got to the front and hung on.

Through a haze of nausea on Sat night, I remember someone saying, "you're on a winning streak." So hell yes, I'm playing the lottery this afternoon, and I plan on being a millionaire by nightfall so I can get down to devoting my life 100% to singletrack. And global marsupial annihilation.

Oh hell yes, a game of inches. Monday night football tonight - Live from D.C. on ESPN. Look for the guy trying to keep his new bride/steelers fan from getting beat up by Redskins fans wearing dresses and pig noses.

Then Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. I need a new tire. Who's coming with me?