Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This Friday

Spread the word!!!

This Friday August 28th the Trek Demo Trailer will be pulling into the Tevendale farm.
This great event will be highlighted by the amazing array of new 2010 Trek and Gary Fisher Bikes available for demo.
Some of the new offerings include (This is just a sample, there are too many to list)

Road Bikes:
Madone 5.5
Madone 6.9
more we can't list

Mountain BIkes:
Superfly 100- First Full Suspension 29er in all Carbon.
Superfly Hardtail- 29er Full Carbon
Trek Remedy- All Mountain Worthy for All day riding.
Trek Fuel EX 9.9
Top Fuel 9.8
more we can't list

The Paranormal Course will be set up for preview riding as part of this event and we plan on having the grill running as well.
Come enjoy what we have to offer, or bring your own items to throw on if you wish.

The Fun should start up around 2pm and go until 8pm.

Info on Trek/Fisher's Policy at Demos can be found here:
(please go look at this, you need an ID and CC on hand to demo ride etc.)

As always, Helmets are required.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

18 Hours On The Farm

Another 18 hour race under the belt. Full results here:


Some highlights:

Shawn led the whole solo race, went into the last lap with a 7 minute lead, and finished in 2nd 8 minutes back. Ouch.

Danny O and Kevin won men's duo, failing to turn a single lap over an hour, looking handsome the entire time.

Denelle won women's solo with authority

Iron Mike and C-tank won mixed duo with more than authority

Our 4 women team dominated a 4 women's field consisting of exactly 4 total women.

Bike Factory Racing sweeps the men's duo podium.

happy times. now to get the bike back into working order in time for SM100.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Trek World

I have had the very cool opportunity to attend Trel World over the last couple of days.
Trek puts this on to inform their dealer network about all things Trek, Bontrager, and Fisher. The past days have been eye opening. Trek's dedication to not only cycling as a sport, but as a life style and means of improving life quality and the environment is astounding. The highlights that ring in my head of course are the new products; this new stuff is amazing. A few words to drop that you should all ask me about: Gary Fisher Rumblefish, Superfly 100, ECO bikes and products, INForm Fit products, and the Trek Scratch.

But really, these may be the least important of Trek's actions this year. The corporate level dedication towards IMBA and American Bicycle League are tremendous. The monetary and political support is significant. To hear John Burke speak, is inspiring. Tonight he brought in Congress Obermeir, an advocate for everything cycling, to speak to the Trek dealers. To hear him speak you realize that there is hope for cyclists in America. The budgetary goals and appropriations he has acheived are in the BILLIONS of dollars for cycling. This money goes to multiple causes, Rails to Trails, Greenway improvements, Bike lanes and Paths, you name it. But perhaps the most significant piece he is trying to put in place needs all of us: and that is a Federal law listing Bicycles as a mode of transportation in this country. By doing this, we are defined and empowered. It will require states to recognize and support cycling and cycle related activities through transportation dollars and in so doing, make our world a safer and better place to live in.
I will be putting tons of new stuff up here in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes pealed. But for tonight; I must try and sleep, afterall, the 18 hour race is Saturday.

See ya there,

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Monday, August 10, 2009


A few pictures here of the big monster.

Always up for a little wrestling...

...paybacks are a bitch though.
Not a big fan of thunderstorms.
Enjoyed a good rally followed by some recovery time
Lover of children (I love this face.)

One thing you might not have known about Tucker is he was a wanderer. He would often turn up missing in a most unlikely way for a 100 lb St Bernard. But he loved to explore, and his long life was certainly enhanced by the kindness of more than a few strangers who helped him find his way home. Once when we were dogsitting, Shannon finally tracked him down a mile from our house, on a dirt road, plodding along at an enduro-style pace like he was ready to just see whatever there was to see. Not panicked, not too excited, just curious about whatever else was out there. Maybe now he can finally go find out.

And he loved the start of a good ride. In an awesome and appropriate way, he's buried right at the start of the Paranormal course here on the farm.

Sad Day

Most would say that a death is the saddest experience that anyone can face, it is even harder to face when it happens to a close friend or family member. Unfortunately this morning we all had to say goodbye to a beloved member of the Tevendale family and the Bike Factory family, Tucker. As people say a dog is a man's best friend, and this Tucker certainly was. I personally only knew Tucker for two years out of his full nine and a half years, but during those two years I learned that every bit of that big dog was full of good. He could usually be counted on for a nice bit of slobber, or a pleasant sit on your lap but could always be counted on to give out some love. He was a great dog will certainly be missed by many...

Monday, August 3, 2009

Wilderness 101 photos

Just a few photos from the W101 that were sent to me. Pretty cool course. A must do for all you east coasters.