Tuesday, December 29, 2009


One of the best things about snow? The way it melts.

Singletrack. Like the snow knows it has overstayed its welcome, it prioritizes what to open first.

Gotta take full advantage of days like that.

A ribbon of tacky dirt hidden between 12 inch drifts, a good freeze, and all the action, jackson.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Rode today at Freedom Park in Williamsburg. Great trails!! Dry for the most part and we avoided the few damp spots that were there thanks to the expert guidance of Rick Bartels.
Jenny got her first ride of over 3 miles in on the new TopFuel WSD. She flies on this thing. Kept within a minute or less of Rick and I initially and towards the end, when we would stop to check on her, she was right there with us. Wow! Great equipment and great friends!! What cycling is all about!
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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Today's attempt at a ride.

Bye Kyle simple strap, elegantly demonstrated in the snow.

What can two simple straps do for you?

Eric Moore--sans simple strap

Mich-Co and Shawn...after using the contents of the simple strap

Jo-Pro trying to outdo the simple strap in elegance.

The group-Pre ride-note simple straps.

Simple strap-in place, on standby.


It was billed large "attack on ohill" Or somesuch thing of epic proportions and scope that it was doomed to failure. Physically, mentally, emotionally, it could never live up to all it was supposed to....especially not in these conditions. Right from the get go, it was soured by getting the 4-runner stuck in pseudo parking area. Strike 1
Then we started into the "single track" --by single, I mean, really it was that....what was normally a fire-road-wide-open descent on Ohill was a single track of hiker foot prints, a set o' cross country skis, and dog poop and yellow snow. It made for curious riding, you would get going for 5 or 10 feet, then have to make a slight steering input, and off you would go....classic stuff. We finally managed to hike a bike and sort of ride our way DOWN through a rock garden section of ohill. As Jason put it "We always climb that faster than we just descended it" Strike 2
We punched out at the bottom and decided to head over towards Reservoir road and do a out and back on that. Combined between Mich-Co running a cop off the road into the ditch and Dirty Uncle Stans non sealant failing me again, we made strike 3 happen. Tubed out we finished the ride and at the top of Ohill I got to play with rogue hoe as a shovel for a bit to get the 4-Runner unstuck.

But looking back...there is nothing else I would have rather done for the day...I got out on my bike with friends, and had some fun. Great friends and great equipment...really, that is what this is all about for me.

Oh yeah, the side theme of the day "Photos of Bye-Kyle straps in the snow" hey, he asked for it


Monday, December 21, 2009

I should ride my bike

but, there seems to be something keeping me from getting out the door.......

And when I do get outside, it chases me.........

ahh well, the weather should get better at some point and I can ride more.....Andy will be disappointed though...

There must be a survivor under here!

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

ahh, great weather for riding

Winter Storm Warning--Yeah..it happened.

A few of us rallied for some snow riding today. An impromptu crit around the Carl Smith Center. Super Fun. I think Andy won....between searching for survivors in the snow drifts.
I think stability wise, Jay had the advantage on his Trek Remedy...big tires and good supple suspension kept him low to the ground and in good contact....But Hiser rocked it on the 29er Hard Tail as well. Kate went old school Canti brakes on us and showed no fear on the descents....awesome....
Jenny made snow angels and took pictures....


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Team extracurricular activites...

The racing season has wound down and now there's things to do other than ride bikes all the time. Kate Lucas promoted the inaugural Earlysville 5k Turkey Trot, and it was great to see a bunch of Bike Factory Racing folks out there running and helping. Not a bad way to justify the Thanksgiving calorie carbo-load.


Friday, November 20, 2009

Good idea Andy

Solid ride time today, I think Andy has the right idea, take a nap!
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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy New Year!!

2010 arrived today, at least from a training perspective. The last month has been my transition/atrophy month. Paranormal and Tidewater Challenge unfortunatly fell in that time. Which means I went to the lines there without any training or peaking. Really, I have not trained at all since before the Twisted Tire Fall Cup I suppose.
When over the last few day I started to feel that off season dispair and depression, I knew it was time to end transition and start getting ready for the 2010 season. Adnan agreed after a few phone calls and emails.....
Today was back in the saddle, spin some watts in the endurance zone, and try to figure out how to pedal again. Good times: perfect fall weather, pretty leaves-- the perfect start to 2010 happened!
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Sunday, October 25, 2009

2009 VORS Team Winners!

Bike Factory won the team catagory for VORS!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

33 candles in a cobblestone

Yes, it can be done.
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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fastest Paranormal Lap

What will the fastest paranormal lap look like?

a) This freaking guy, a little bit MIA these days, but did last year's lap in 29 minutes or so. What could he do the new lap in?

b) I'm pretty sure Bender could go sub-20 minutes if he could focus on the trail for more than a few seconds without chasing a squirrel/ball/deer/etc the wrong way.

c) Mr. Scrubby Gloves himself through down a 31:09 on the new course a few days ago. The current record.

d) He did not, however, look like this while doing it.

e) WWMPD? He would stand up and mash that thing. 25 minutes or so, give or take the time it would take to snort something illegal, have a cappucino, and complain about the lack of "real" climbing.

f) Scottie might get in there and mix it up now with healthy lungs. How about his teammate, a rumored man of mystery and iron legs?

g) anyone remember this guy? 4th place solo last year? Whatever happened to him, anyway? He's like Phil Donahue. One day he was big shit and the next day everyone was watching Montel. A has-been, or a man on the rebound? Will test more.

h) at the tip top of the VORS standings in men's expert, knows the turf, and certainly with a shot at the title. And dreary conditions possible on Saturday? Well, his mother was a mudder. His father? A mudder. He's good in the slop.

i) the away team, rolling in from North Carolina. This joker coaches the UNCA mountain bike team these days, but can he mix it up off campus?

Perhaps most importantly...is any sponsor stepping up and paying a prem for the fastest lap, or is this all for braggin' rights?

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Some days you should just wrap yourself in a towel and head to the deck.
Good idea Andy!
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Monday, October 5, 2009

CORO action, Harvest Moon, and a taste of things to come

Some action 'round these parts, Jackson. The omnium went down. A mudfest as far as mudfests go, but it's private land and a damn good time.

Will in the pain cave.

Big wheels in the muck.
"yeah, there's maybe just one or two muddy spots out there." - Danny O.

Full results to be posted sooner or later.

Moving on, seven of us rolled a harvest moon night ride last night out at BRS. We had a couple of no-shows, most noteworthy being the moon herself. She hid behind the clouds, or maybe went and hit some couch time with Iron Mike, MCO, or Esther. Still, good times. That's the first climb I've ever put clothes BACK ON halfway up.

Looking forward, a taste of evil to come...the Paranormal lurks. www.crcparanormal.com

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Overall Standings after Stage 1 and 2

Category, Name, TT Time, SXC Time, Overall Time

Expert Men David Tevendale 0:22:06 0:52:39 1:14:45
Sport Men Daniel Ortiz 0:23:27 0:55:25 1:18:52
Sport Men Whit Zirkle 0:23:54 1:01:15 1:25:09
Sport Men Will Canup 0:30:55 1:01:30 1:32:25
Beginner Men Dillon Long 0:27:29 1:06:55 1:34:24
Expert Women Sheila Scott 0:28:47 1:05:50 1:34:37
Expert Men Scott Ramsey 0:31:56 1:06:44 1:38:40
Sport Men John Scott 0:30:05 1:09:08 1:39:13
Beginner Men Chris Royer 0:31:12 1:10:33 1:41:45
Beginner Men Nathaniel Nickerson 0:36:26 1:22:17 1:58:43
Expert Women Lorene Davidson 0:39:06 1:20:01 1:59:07
Beginner Men Jeff Bentrem 0:38:31 1:31:53 2:10:24
Beginner Women Jennifer Whedbee 0:47:25 1:25:03 2:12:28

High School Overall
Name, Age, TT Time, SXC Time, Overall Time
High School Zak Folks 0:25:12 0:46:09 1:11:21
High School Jesse Thomas 0:25:53 0:48:33 1:14:26
High School Thomas Torries 0:27:52 0:47:12 1:15:04
High School Mason Schmidt 0:29:21 0:47:14 1:16:35
High School Spencer Wuthman 0:30:20 0:52:27 1:22:47

CORO SXC Results

Category, Name, Lap1, Lap2, Lap3, Lap4, Lap 5
Expert Men Kyle Rodland 0:09:46 0:19:46 0:30:26 0:41:34 0:52:17
Expert Men David Tevendale 0:09:50 0:19:34 0:30:08 0:41:30 0:52:39
Sport Men Daniel Ortiz 0:10:05 0:20:35 0:31:35 0:42:54 0:55:25
Sport Men Whit Zirkle 0:10:47 0:21:59 0:34:27 0:47:16 1:01:15
Sport Men Will Canup 0:10:57 0:22:42 0:34:56 0:48:09 1:01:30
Expert Women Sheila Scott 0:11:36 0:24:05 0:37:25 0:51:00 1:05:50
Expert Men Scott Ramsey 0:11:05 0:23:06 0:36:54 0:51:48 1:06:44
Beginner Men Dillon Long 0:12:18 0:25:03 0:38:09 0:52:15 1:06:55
Sport Men John Scott 0:11:59 0:24:47 0:38:48 0:53:50 1:09:08
Beginner Men Chris Royer 0:12:43 0:25:29 0:39:02 0:54:35 1:10:33
Expert Women Lorene Davidson 0:15:04 0:29:40 0:45:15 1:02:27 1:20:01
Beginner Men Nathaniel Nickerson 0:15:15 0:29:16 0:45:28 1:03:37 1:22:17
Beginner Men David Morris 0:16:39 0:31:33 0:47:07 1:05:29 1:24:10
Beginner Women Jennifer Whedbee 0:15:07 0:30:16 0:47:46 1:06:33 1:25:03
Beginner Men Jeff Bentrem 0:16:52 0:32:59 0:50:28 1:10:08 1:31:53

High School Category
Name, Lap1, Lap2, Lap 3
Mason Schmidt 0:15:00 0:30:06 0:47:14
Jesse Thomas 0:15:24 0:30:42 0:48:33
Thomas Torries 0:15:10 0:30:07 0:47:12
Zak Folks 0:15:20 0:29:42 0:46:09
Carlini, Michael 0:21:53 0:46:59 1:14:51
Spencer Wuthman 0:15:54 0:33:18 0:52:27

CORO TT Results

Here are times
Category, Names, Finish Time, Start Time. Time on Course

Expert Men David Tevendale 0:37:06 0:15:00 22:06.0
Sport Men Daniel Ortiz 0:41:57 0:18:30 23:27.0
Sport Men Whit Zirkle 0:41:24 0:17 23:54.0
High School Zak Folks 0:29:42 0:04:30 25:12.0
High School Jesse Thomas 0:28:53 0:03 25:53.0
Beginner Men Dillon Long 0:47:29 0:20:00 27:29.0
High School Thomas Torries 0:31:22 0:03:30 27:52.0
Expert Women Sheila Scott 0:45:47 0:17:00 28:47.0
High School Mason Schmidt 0:31:21 0:02:00 29:21.0
Sport Men John Scott 0:49:05 0:19 30:05.0
High School Spencer Wuthman 0:31:20 0:01:00 30:20.0
Sport Men Will Canup 1:04:55 0:34:00 30:55.0
Beginner Men Chris Royer 0:51:42 0:20:30 31:12.0
Sport Men Kirk Henderson 0:49:15 0:18:00 31:15.0
Expert Men Scott Ramsey 0:47:56 0:16:00 31:56.0
Beginner Men Nathaniel Nickerson 0:57:26 0:21:00 36:26.0
Expert Men Eric Fletcher 1:00:22 0:22:00 38:22.0
Beginner Men Jeff Bentrem 0:57:31 0:19:00 38:31.0
Expert Women Lorene Davidson 0:55:36 0:16:30 39:06.0
High School Bon Jun Koo 0:43:27 0:00:30 42:57.0
Beginner Women Jennifer Whedbee 1:08:55 0:21:30 47:25.0
High School Diakata, IJ 0:51:59 0:02:30 49:29.0
High School Nick Pashoian 0:54:37 0:01 53:07.0
High School Evan Roberts 1:00:00 0:04:00 56:00.0

Friday, September 18, 2009

Bike Factory Racing Trivia

It's been a quiet couple weeks for the blog around here, post Shenandoah 100. Really, it's been busy, but you wouldn't know that from the inactivity here on the old bikefactoryracing blogosphere. Let me bring you up to speed...A little bike factory racing trivia, shall we?
What local race team just bought a 24 foot trailer to replace their puny 14 foot trailer, like a product testimonial for extenze?

Who got one of these rock-gobbling, peak-bagging, 29 inch whips?
photo stolen inappropriately from pivot cycles, without permission, unbeknownst to the Pivot powers that be. keep hands and feet inside the pivot at all times. hold onto your nipples. don't touch anything that might be on fire.

Who won the Men's Enduro at BOTH the spring and fall twisted tire races?
Who tied for the top step of the women's enduro podium at the twisted tire fall cup?

What BFR team members are making a late season move for a VORS podium spot?

Who did not have the fastest bike time at FORD 2, but likes to use scrubbie gloves in the shower?

Who is the dark horse favorite to shake up the women's podium at the omnium www.offroadomnium.com?

I'd fill you in, but I've got to get the chainsaw cranked up and do a little nip and tuck on the paranormal loop to make way for raging wheels and rattling gears next weekend. Get your bike built, your skin exolifated, and your race face on. It's gonna be a good one.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ready for the Shenandoah Mountain 100

A two strap race, for sure.

Every year around this time, I think back to the early part of the year when I made a goal to race Shenandoah and do it in X time. The time has been all over the map. Just finish. 10 hours. 11 hours. This year: 9 hours. And I knew it would be a big jump - Shawn and I killed the thing in 9:40 last year. That was fast. This is a lot faster, requiring the same good luck and even better legs than last year. I knew it would take some sacrifice, I'd probably have to skip a couple of other events to train on the long gravel roads. Maybe even take some "rest days" whatever those are. So what did I do? - I didn't make a single one of those sacrifices. I rode good singletrack and ate well all summer. And yet, here we are and the goal is still 9 hours.
But it's doable. I've broken it down mentally:
Go light, rely on the aid stations. Wake up on time, eat something, start near the front, and get up and over narrowback before all the chaos and yelling starts. Swap a bottle, draft off Shawn down the dirt road, get up and over Lynn's trail before all the chaos and yelling starts. Stop and pee. Down wolf ridge, kill the road section, and make it to rest station 2 in 2:30. Bottles, make out with my wife for 5 seconds, then up the road. Climb hanky, granny the steep part at the top to save some legs for later. Rampage down Dowells without Shawn flatting or me flying off the side of the mountain. Rush through the rest stop, hit 250, draft off Shawn, fight the temptation to stop for a cheeseburger at the corner store. Back onto singletrack, up the backside of Braleys, fight the urge to really step all over my middle ring through the rock gardens. Reap the rewards on the dh and make sure Shawn sees that freaking tree this time. Hit rest station 4 in 5:30. Coca-cola, full bottles, and hit the long dirt road leading up to Shenandoah mtn. Keep it light, tell some jokes, then when we bang that right hander for the top really stomp on it. a little water and some food at aid 5, then peak that thing out, hit the singletrack at the top in 7:45 or so. Avoid the rock of death, crush it down Chestnut, stay upright on the rollers, don't flat, back to the road and to aid station 6 by 8:10. Make out with my wife again, eat some fig newtons, spray Shawn with a bottle to piss him off, and then race him straight up for the finish line. A little paved climb, some dirt road, mount hank, then keep looking for that right hand turn and the glorious decent through the cabins back to Stokesville. Don't crash on the grass jump, bang the gong, 9 hours. Easy.
That's pretty much as well as it can go. There's so much that can go wrong in the plan, that you've gotta just not think about it. Ride smart, ride hard, and hopefully the thing just happens.
Looking forward to those french fries.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This Friday

Spread the word!!!

This Friday August 28th the Trek Demo Trailer will be pulling into the Tevendale farm.
This great event will be highlighted by the amazing array of new 2010 Trek and Gary Fisher Bikes available for demo.
Some of the new offerings include (This is just a sample, there are too many to list)

Road Bikes:
Madone 5.5
Madone 6.9
more we can't list

Mountain BIkes:
Superfly 100- First Full Suspension 29er in all Carbon.
Superfly Hardtail- 29er Full Carbon
Trek Remedy- All Mountain Worthy for All day riding.
Trek Fuel EX 9.9
Top Fuel 9.8
more we can't list

The Paranormal Course will be set up for preview riding as part of this event and we plan on having the grill running as well.
Come enjoy what we have to offer, or bring your own items to throw on if you wish.

The Fun should start up around 2pm and go until 8pm.

Info on Trek/Fisher's Policy at Demos can be found here:
(please go look at this, you need an ID and CC on hand to demo ride etc.)

As always, Helmets are required.