Monday, October 11, 2010

Do something that matters

Let's start with what's important.

The world is run by the people that show up. Do something important:

It's a little sobering to think about the freedom to ride this masterpiece over in West-By-God-Virginia being taken from we, the people. But it's a very real possibility.

Saving our access there could get tough. Really, the problem is focus. People are interested, but aligning the scattered parties in the right direction against the right enemy (not just wilderness designation, but oil drilling, etc) is difficult when you think about just who those parties are. Cyclists, hikers, mountain men - we are a wild, scattered bunch; and the disorganization can oftentimes be misconstrued with being the point itself.

It is NOT the point.
Show up. The rest might just work itself out.

Speaking of focus, I saw a good bit of it out at the farm this weekend. Good hands came together, and the Paranormal course is absolutely dialed. Eric Moore showed up and rallied 6 laps, testing to see if he's got what it takes to win duo next Sat (he does, but DOES his teammate?) And my lady went and cranked out 20 miles on the road (on foot, mind you) prepping for the Richmond Marathon.
See, focus.

This is what focus looks like after 20 miles of pounding pavement.

On a less focused note, The Mighty Foof is getting a good clock cleaning these days in the Blue Ridge Cyclocross Cup. Rocktown is running away with the thing, and the Foof is actually in danger of falling behind the black sheep of the family, Queen City.
Shenanigan scorekeeping aside, we really haven't shown up in the biggest way possible just yet. But there are signs of improvement, namely Bruce Almighty putting Nick Waite away at the line in Staunton last week and stealing an almost-deserved 2nd place. Nice. Tomorrow, it's supertuesday over in Rocktown, one last chance to stick it to them on their home turf.

Bring it.

photo credits to whoever this guy is...
And sweet Jesus that's a big picture of Fawley. But he's got talent that you just can't shrink.

In closing, I snapped this photo on the way out of Asheville last weekend, and I felt it summarized some things nicely, although I'm not sure what.

But don't forget your endurolytes.

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